Friday, February 24, 2012

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  Point wise brief of a movement - COMEBACK India

1.  We are working on a social change in rural India.

2.  The main aim of that change is to stop forced migration from rural areas to urban areas.

3.  Work on 360 degree plan for the same in rural areas.

4.  Bring likeminded people interested or working on different aspects of rural development  on a single platform/stage so that they can share their experiences with each other and the gaps can be filled by helping/guiding/involving with each other.

Our Plan:    We want to stop the forced migration. We have taken up this challenge to make a turnaround for villages that instead of people migrating from village’s people from urban areas should come back to villages looking for a better and pollution free life. We are trying to bring change in this field, whatever it takes we are up for that. We are trying in the direction of making the villages self sufficient by working on the 360 degree plan for them. Though we are in the sowing stage, would appreciate any kind of support or association being volunteered.

There are various aspects on which we are exploring few of them are viz. power, telecommunication, education technical & formal, job creation - employment or entrepreneurs, sanitation, health, agricultural technologies, horticulture, water harvesting, entertainment, sports, self help group, empowerment, micro financing, public distribution system, insurance, organising unorganised sector etc. The idea is to make the village self sufficient by doing a complete makeover.

CHAPTER : Sonayeecha, Asthaulla Gram Sabha

We understand saying and doing on the ground are two different things, but believe us we firmly believe in lead with example. We have started the work from one village called Sonayeecha, post-Gagaha, Gorakhpur, UP, India.

We are trying to bring people working on different aspects of rural development on single stage/platform and to share each other experiences with each other and make utmost use of the experience of each other to bring change. The gaps can be filled by helping/guiding/involving with each other or doing by yourself or by the organization interested in doing.

Kindly find this blog as a call for a social change we call “COMEBACK India”. We would like to invite you as one of the esteemed member of Comeback and contribute in whatever way you can. It can be anything from playing, teaching, writing, research, copyrighting, photography, video shooting, video production, driving, entertaining, farming, singing, painting, building, motivating, farming anything. 

We will appreciate if you can respond with your views and insight on the same, for taking it to next level.

Either you can comment on this blog or you can write to us at or or call us +91-9811904640

 I fondly remember and cherish my childhood spent in my village and always felt that my roots were calling but couldn’t understand what can I do or where to start from. Last year (2011) read “My experiments with truth” by Mr. M K Gandhi & Bhagwad Gita & that was the turning point in my life. Those books completely changed the philosophy of my life giving me direction & aim for my life.

My Introduction: Currently I am working as a Senior Producer with one of the leading electronic media company and I have worked for almost all the major renowned electronic media company in India. 

My insight:    I have been in the media industry for quite a long time. We do research for our work and have been in touch with almost all news. The way current scenario is going in our country villages will be at the verge of getting extinct or near to, in the coming 20-30 years. According to news reports 70-80 % of rural population will move to urban areas in the coming 15-20 years. Every rural boy/girl/youngster want to leave his village since they feel there is nothing in the village except agriculture and that to have become very costly and needs lots of hard work other than bad/negative politics.


  1. Gr8 work...i have been associated with a number of such organisations. would give you a lot of inputs of what your peers are doing in this field.
    Let us create a mail id first so that any one who wants to contribute to this endeavour.

  2. Sure Newsy...I have just updated the email ID & the contact No.
    Either you can comment on this blog or you can write to me at or or call me +91-9811904640

  3. what a nice thought brother. and i m agree with u that migration is a major issue for us. and if we want to stop it. first we will have to develop basic infrastructure which u mentioned in your blog. because if people will get services in villeage. they will not think about leave home

    so plz carry on
    and thanks for providing this types of information

  4. Nice. But you need young, dynamic, talented and dedicated peopleto drive it through and they do not come cheap:) Best of luck.

    1. Gandhi ji didn't worked for money though he wasn't cheap:)

    2. Great to see your thoughts. :)

  5. Good one Dear, very few concentrate on rural India. We too are working with more or less similar objectives with major focus on rural youth, women and children under the banner MATRIBHUMI. If would like to know more, please contact-

  6. Dear Balwant Suresh have send you a mail.